UFS was founded in 2005 as a service company to the west-European textile industry.

We provided pattern making, model making, sourcing and AQL based independent final inspections. All but production itself.  Shortly after 2007 our customers wanted more from us and soon we started with making ready made textile goods in various branches. By 2010 our turnover of productions exceeded our services turnover by a 3 fold.  Besides the final inspections to third party we have stopped our other services and re-allocated those recourses to our productions. Nowadays we are a transparent ready made producer providing various articles and accessories.  Mainly we supply corporate identity clothes and work wear. But we have also expertise in medical wear and safety wear.

Money is not a goal but also a tool.  We strife to be successful in long term open relation ship with our customers where honesty and transparency is key. In this facet we can grow stable en continuously.

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