The textile industry is notorious for bad labour conditions. From the day we started in 2005 we have distanced ourselves from any form of bad practice producing textiles. In 2011 we joined the fair wear program to ensure our customers as well that we are up to date with all compliance rules. Also our partner producers are committed to the fair wear program.


Also we subscribe to the REACH (RoHS) program to ban all dangerous chemicals inside dyestuff and to ban harmful procedures producing dyestuff, fabrics and accessories.

“REACH is an European regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. This regulation applies to chemicals as substances, preparations and in articles, such as textile and packaging. The goal of REACH is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals (for humans as well as for the environment) by prohibiting certain chemicals and make known what chemicals are in your product. It replaces old EU regulations


Almost half a century ago we put a man on the moon. Even by today standard a tremendous achievement. Today still there are children dying of hunger and malnutrition. Unacceptable. Every day a child dies due to hunger is a day we failed collectively as the human race. And we are failing every day multiple times. There are 3 solutions to eradicate child hunger and that is through education, education and education. Every education, from religion to physics, starts with learning how to read. Therefor we support wholehearted the Room to Read foundation. To stop hunger is possible in our lifetime so we can reclaim our humanity.


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